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How to effectively reap the benefits of recycling in the workplace


It’s likely you’re pretty savvy with basic paper, plastic and organic recycling, but do you know what to do with printer consumables or your machines when they’re no longer needed?

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A recent study found that 49 per cent of New Zealand businesses are recycling printer hardware and consumables, but only 30 per cent have a formal recycling policy in place and tend to recycle in an ad hoc manner.1

As industry leaders in end-of-life recycling, Brother NZ wants to encourage more New Zealand businesses to dispose of waste materials in an environmentally responsible way and provides an incredibly simple and stress free way to do just that!

Recycling consumables (like ink cartridges) reduces the amount of waste settling in landfill and allows materials to be reused. Brother partners with Croxley Recycling and NZ Post to provide free recycling whether you’re a large business customer or home office user of Brother products.

Brother customers who use the Managed Print Services programme also no longer have to worry about recycling. As part of this unique service, the Brother team can see when you’re close to running out of ink and will not only send a replacement consumable, but will dispose of your old one safely at no cost to you and in a way that has a minimal impact on the environment.

But what actually happens after your ink cartridges are collected for recycling?




After your cartridges have been collected, they first get sorted to make sure there are only cartridges, drums and other printer consumable components in the mix. The sorting process also makes sure the cartridges are produced by manufacturers whose consumable materials have been verified as recyclable–so no unknown materials are going through the process.

All Brother products have verified recyclable materials. They are manufactured according to ROHS Compliance (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) meaning all products use absolutely no hazardous substances and meet specific criteria such as no mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium and nickel or their compounds.




The cartridges are broken down and crushed into fragments. The materials used to manufacture a cartridge such as steel, clean or mixed plastics, residual toner, ink and aluminium are then separated. Every bit of the cartridge is then recycled into new products. This process is achieved with zero waste to landfill.

Here are just some of the new items Brother creates with those materials...

  • Aluminium is used to make items like cans
  • Clean plastics are used to make stationery like pens and rulers
  • The residual ink is used in pens
  • The residual toner is turned into TonerPave which is used in roads and pathways
  • Contaminated plastics are turned into eWood to make things like benches and fences
  • Steel is re-used to create appliances like fridges or other items.




Want to learn more about going green through print in your workplace? Download our free guide ‘How to succeed at sustainability’ now.




1Brother New Zealand Business Print & Technology Survey 2017