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New mobile printing solutions that boost business productivity


No matter what business you’re in, you should be thinking about how technology impacts your day to day, and what role technology might play in the future success of your business.

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Whether you like it or not, you need to embrace and keep up with technology advances and understand how they may add value, improve workplace productivity and give you more time to focus on business growth.

Whatever field your business is in, technology will play a role in your future. It is already helping your customers find you, rate and review your products or services, connect friends and family to your business and even allowing customers to speak to you 24 hours a day.

And while you’re very likely to be aware of some of the ways technology is impacting your business, you still may consider yourself a relative newcomer to the tech and digital scene. Perhaps you don’t have a website, or know how (or why) to use social media channels. You’re still working off a desktop computer and have no idea where to start with e-commerce let alone wider technology solutions!

Wherever you are on the journey, one great place to start is to look at your office essentials like printers. Printers are an office necessity, but what you may not realise is how much this technology has evolved to meet the needs of different sized businesses and varied, modern workspaces. And that can be anything from a standard office, co-sharing space, workshop, retail store to a large warehouse.



Printers that move with you

As we experience more decentralised workplaces, mobile, on-the-go technology is vital. And yes, printers absolutely have the ability to move with you, from apps that allow for easy transfer of files right through to portable printers that save time in busy warehouses or retail.

Brother Rugged Jet Mobile Printers are becoming increasingly popular for those working in warehouse environments, as they are proven to save considerable time with on the spot pricing (for example) and are specifically made for robust conditions.

Brother Rugged Jets are as tough as they get with an IP54 rating, meaning it can survive a drop of 2.5m. They’re also dust and waterproof which is really important for warehouse, delivery, or field sales staff who may be working in all conditions, and are often moving between indoors and outdoors.

The machines are also designed with clever thermal technology which means there’s no need for ink or toners to get the job done. Plus they can print from literally anywhere, with flexible connectivity options including USB, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, AirPrint and MFi that lets you print from Apple devices.

Off-site printing is also very popular with tradespeople such as builders. For example, a building manager may be running two different sites simultaneously. Instead of running from one site to the other he can send updated building plans from his phone to his Brother A3 printer on the other site using Google Cloud print, which his team actions straight away. Who’d have thought one of a builder’s most useful tools would have been his Brother printer!



Apps are your friend!

There are some incredibly handy apps out there, and one of our favourites has to be Brother iPrint&Scan.

This free app lets you print photos from your mobile device, and print from and scan to your Apple® iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android™ Smartphone on your wireless network. It’s super easy to download and use and will automatically search for supported devices on your local wireless network while you’re on the move.



How do I keep up and know what technology is right for me?

If you’re not already, connect with local business groups, extend your networks on LinkedIn and follow technology blogs that keep you up to date with the latest industry and business technology trends.

While it’s a great idea to keep knowledge high and understand how businesses like yours are utilising technology to get ahead, it’s equally important to get expert advice from people that can help you determine the unique needs of your business.

Brother takes the time to get to know you and your business, what challenges you and your employees face, and how technology can help improve productivity, save money and increase efficiencies. When you partner with Brother you can be assured that you’re getting recommendations tailored to your needs, and more importantly, they will help you build solutions with the ability to grow with you.


A few small changes to your office environment can do wonders for workplace productivity—and your bottom line. Find out more in our free guide: Smart, simply ways to improve workplace productivity.


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